Package includes:

1. Digital Market Analysis: Consumer behavior research and competitor's strategy analysis.

2. Buyer Personna: Profile creation for target audience according to brand marketing campaign.

3. Recommended Social Media Profiles: social media presence according to demographics and target audience.

4. Visual Image Creation: Visual and graphic image proposal according to demographics and target audience.

5. Content Grid: posting strategy regarding frequency, best hours, best days, and content pillars.

6. Introductory Grid graphic design: 30-piece graphic design package for social media distribution; includes: graphic design, caption & copies redaction, and media posting service for firsts pieces.

7. Profile Setting: according to recommended social media, we create social media profiles suitable for brand's target audience. 

8. Organic Growth Strategy: best practices for social media account organic growth. (BONUS: ACCOUNT SETUP INCLUDED)

9. Ad Campaign Layout: initial ad campaign strategy for future execution. 

10. Editable Files: editable version of graphic design pieces for future edition, change or update.

11. Training process: virtual training for personnel in charge of social media management. 

Training Includes:

- Content Grid Programming

- Ad Campaign Segmentation

- Social media Analytics interpretation

- Instagram Highlights

- Canva design Editing.


NOTE: It doesn't include photo services, video recording, ad budget, or any additional costs none specified.


Digital Marketing Strategy